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CUPE Local 7575 represents approximately 800 Permanent and 200 Temporary/Casual Educational and Instructional Assistants employed by the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB). Educational and Instructional Assistants (EAs/IAs) are school board education workers who help to deliver programs in the elementary, secondary or alternative education programs. We play an increasingly vital role in today’s classroom as we support individual students or groups of students with  medical, physical, behavioural, or communication exceptionalities.

Our positions throughout the years, have grown and changed as much as the students we service. We are proud to be a part of the TVDSB team by assisting each student reach their full potential every day.

What’s Happening at CUPE 7575


If you are a CUPE  7575 Member and have not yet received your Edvantage card, please use the one of the following 3 options to obtain your card:

1. Pick up your card before our General Membership meetings… next meeting November 16th at 426 Third St.

2. Call the CUPE 7575 Office 519- 601-7570 and let us know your location and CUPE will courier it to your school.

3. Email the CUPE 7575 office and let us know your location and CUPE will courier it to your school.


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OTIP Partnership Program

CUPE 7575 has entered into a partnership with the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP). This partnership will allow the unit to share information with the membership directly from OTIP. We will also be able to offer retiree benefit workshops. Through this partnership we now have access to the Edvantage Program, which provides great rewards and discounts to education employees and their families throughout Ontario.

OTIP is a not-for-profit organization, specializing in providing insurance solutions for the education community. For almost 40 years, OTIP has provided the education community with unique insurance products and services such as home, auto, life and retiree benefits.

We look forward to developing this relationship with OTIP in order to continue to serve the membership.

Check out the OTIP Home and Auto Insurance Quotes  http://www.otip.com/CUPE7575





Soup Kitchen 2016 2 Soup Kitchen 2016 3 Soup Kitchen 2016 4 Soup Kitchen 2016

CUPE Presidents, some executive and members plus student volunteers from the TVDSB Alternative Education Centre served up to 70 attendees at the Adelaide Soup Bowl in Woodstock.  For the second week in April the union Education Workers gave up their desk jobs to purchase, prepare, serve and clean-up at the Soup Kitchen.  CUPE members are known for giving back to their communities, and this is just one more example.  Serving those who  need to access the soup kitchen just to have a warm filling meal gives us a look at how blessed we are to have good jobs and a membership that supports giving back to others.   This is an amazing opportunity.



orange and back dayOntario School Board Coordinating Committee (OSBCC) BARGAINING UPDATES

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 10_10Apr15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No. 11_20Apr15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 12 24May15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 13 08June15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 14 15June15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 15 08July15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 16 28July15encouragement

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 17 21August15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 18 11September15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 19 18September 15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 20 05October15

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 21 October15 – confidential to members

OSBCC Bargaining Update No 22 03Nov15


OSBCC_Second update of 2016_10Mar16

OSBCC_Third update of 2016_10June16



The Ontario School Board Coordinating Committee unites 55,000 school board workers in the public, Catholic, English and French school systems across the province.We are the backbone of the education system and include education assistants, school library workers, administrative assistants, custodians and tradespeople, early childhood educators, instructors, nutrition service workers, school safety monitors and social workers, in schools and board offices.

OSBCC allows education workers from across the province to share information and strategies for bargaining, and to discuss issues and policies of concern. We help locals fight contracting out and defend public education in the face of budget cuts.