Collective agreement

Our current collective agreement expired August 2014, but remains frozen.  We are represented at the Central Table by the elected CUPE Ontario School Board Coordinating Committee (OSBCC) who meets with the Crown and Trustee Association to determine items to be bargained at the Central Table.  Once items to be bargained centrally have been agreed, we will be entering into  local bargaining simultaneously.

If you have any questions about your collective agreement rights, please call our union office.

Collective Agreement (CA)

CUPE 7575 CA 2013 14

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

MOU 2013 14Negotiate to Settle


Permanent member’s benefit page is available in the collective agreement


Job postings

As per 15.01 a) and b)

Job Postings for permanent members will be posted on or before June 1st and November 15th  each year

Temporary/Casual postings are posted after the completion of the permanent November 15th postings, provided there are positions left unfilled and the employer posts those positions.




Permanent Educational and Instructional Assistants are a part of the OMERS pension plan

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