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From All of us to YOU!!! Happy Break!!!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their first day of winter break. Letting your body and mind awake when it was ready! No alarms, no meetings, no supervision and all the breaks that you needed and wanted!
We again (or still) are living in such crazy times. A rapidly spreading new variant in a global pandemic of nearly 2 years, staffing shortages of such a great number, and workloads increasing.  Then on top of that add family needs and demands as we look after each other in such unprecedented times.

It is our wish that everyone gets an opportunity to relax, takes some time to enjoy you family and friends, and most important some time for yourselves.
We are hoping that members can take this time to recharge, and rejuvenate.

When we return we need to be stronger and healthier! We have lots of work ahead of us. Lots of exciting, yet scary things at the same time.
Your executive can not wait to get started with a fresh new year! We are hoping everyone will be ready to join us!

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Welcome Back

Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy their summer and had a great start to the 2021/2022 school year!
We have started our school year with continuing new and unique challenges. We recognize for a lot of our members these challenges can be professional and personal based. Please take care of yourselves and the ones you love.

Executive Committee 2021

Please check out our Executive Committee for 2021.  Contact information can be found in the About Us section of the website.

Rebecca Avey, President

Kristine Hamilton, Vice President

Jenn Eckert, Chief Steward

Marnie Tegler-Lapointe,  Recording Secretary 

Paul Nagy, Health & Safety Officer

Rachel King, Financial Officer 

Jennifer Richmond, Membership Officer

Jason Bertling, Communications Officer

2021/2022 General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings occur once a month.  All meetings start at 6pm  The meetings for September, October and November will all be virtual.  Keep your eyes open for eBlasts for information on how to attend these meetings.  We will see how things are going and will make a decision on if the meetings will continue to be virtual or will switch to in person meetings.

Wednesday September 22

Wednesday October 20

Wednesday November 17

No meeting in December

Wednesday January 19

Wednesday February 16

No meeting in March

Wednesday April 20

Wednesday May 18

Wednesday June 22


First Day of Summer

This school year has been challenging and has changed so many lives. So much has been different for the students we support, our families, and how we view our roles within Thames Valley.
In the center of a global pandemic, we worked together to support student learning, both in person and online. We showed courage, resiliency, and worked hard. The times were uncertain, and it was a bumpy road, but we showed our ability to persevere and showed nothing but compassion, empathy and our dedication to the students and families we support!

As we all have started our summer breaks, we need the break more now than I think we ever have. We Educational Assistants are exhausted, and we really hope everyone takes the time to decompress and enjoy your families. At some point of the summer, we hope member can reflect and see how we have become stronger. We hope that we can return more united, and more determined than ever.

As we await more details from the Ministry of Education regarding return to school in September, I know we are all hoping to see a more “normal” school environment next year! Please stay tuned, as soon as we receive information, we will continue to forward to you.

I, and the rest of the Executive, wish you a safe, enjoyable, and restful summer.


Welcome to all members and we hope that you will come back regularly!


Please be sure to click on the links at the top of the page to learn more about who your Executive Committee is, the resources available to you and contact information!


You can find out more about the committees your local runs by going to About Us – Committees

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