From All of us to YOU!!! Happy Break!!!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their first day of winter break. Letting your body and mind awake when it was ready! No alarms, no meetings, no supervision and all the breaks that you needed and wanted!
We again (or still) are living in such crazy times. A rapidly spreading new variant in a global pandemic of nearly 2 years, staffing shortages of such a great number, and workloads increasing.  Then on top of that add family needs and demands as we look after each other in such unprecedented times.

It is our wish that everyone gets an opportunity to relax, takes some time to enjoy you family and friends, and most important some time for yourselves.
We are hoping that members can take this time to recharge, and rejuvenate.

When we return we need to be stronger and healthier! We have lots of work ahead of us. Lots of exciting, yet scary things at the same time.
Your executive can not wait to get started with a fresh new year! We are hoping everyone will be ready to join us!