First Day of Summer

This school year has been challenging and has changed so many lives. So much has been different for the students we support, our families, and how we view our roles within Thames Valley.
In the center of a global pandemic, we worked together to support student learning, both in person and online. We showed courage, resiliency, and worked hard. The times were uncertain, and it was a bumpy road, but we showed our ability to persevere and showed nothing but compassion, empathy and our dedication to the students and families we support!

As we all have started our summer breaks, we need the break more now than I think we ever have. We Educational Assistants are exhausted, and we really hope everyone takes the time to decompress and enjoy your families. At some point of the summer, we hope member can reflect and see how we have become stronger. We hope that we can return more united, and more determined than ever.

As we await more details from the Ministry of Education regarding return to school in September, I know we are all hoping to see a more “normal” school environment next year! Please stay tuned, as soon as we receive information, we will continue to forward to you.

I, and the rest of the Executive, wish you a safe, enjoyable, and restful summer.