General Membership Meetings for 2020/2021

We are finding in necessary to once again hold General Membership Meetings. This time (with approval and recommendation by CUPE National) we will be doing Zoom Meetings. All meetings will be done on Zoom until further notice.

This will be new for all of us!! Please be patient as we work through this new system. We will do our best to have it running as smooth as possible.

Some general guidelines will be;

  1.  members will have video off, as well have audio muted during the meeting
  2.  if you have a question/comment during the meeting please use the raise you hand function. An executive member will be following this in order to get to questions efficiently
  3. Executive will all have their video on and you will be able to see us!
  4. you will have the ability to connect through a computer/device or use your phone to call in

More information will follow!! Our next meeting is scheduled for April 21 at 6pm.  An agenda will follow closer to the meeting date.

I have attached a list of all upcoming GMM’s for the year.


As a permanent or a casual member of CUPE Local 7575 you have voice and vote into every decision! Matters that are financially relevant are especially important for the membership’s input and approval, as it is the members’ union dues that are being spent! It is you, the member, that directs the Executive.

With membership participation and support a union is stronger.  Each month we meet to share with you what your union representatives have been doing on your behalf.  Attending these meetings is a way that members can get involved.  It can certainly help to answer the question “What does the union do for me?”