A Message From Your Executive

As the year 2020 comes to a close, I am not even sure I have the words to describe the events that have transpired. Who would have ever though that in March of 2020, our lives as we knew them would be forever changed. Not just our work but our social and familial lives as well. The year brought many struggles and heartaches for our membership, our communities, our country and the entire world.  We have experienced lockdowns, a new way of supporting the students that we work with, a new way of shopping and dining and most importantly we have had to find new ways to take care of ourselves! It has not been easy, not one single moment.
There always must be another side though. We have to see it from the positive side. Yes, you read that correctly, the positive side!  We have learned to be resilient and compassionate. We have shown nurture and kindness in so many new ways. We are now stronger and more knowledgeable than we have every been. We have learned new skills, ways to cope and problem solve.  We have come together to support each other and offer assistance in our school communities and beyond! Every single one of us should be proud of all that we have been able to accomplish this year.

We would love to say that 2021 will be different! In the beginning, we believe it won’t be. We will continue to persevere though. We need to continue to support each other, the ones we love and our communities. We also though need to see the importance of looking after ourselves. We need to take time as required to be the best physical, mental and emotional selves we can be.

Hope that everyone has a chance in some form to enjoy their Christmas Break. I hope you get a chance to laugh, relax and enjoy your loved ones.

Be safe, stay well and see everyone in the New Year!